​From designer pieces to vintage treasures

Flutterby’s is a different way of dressing

Welcome to Flutterby’s Boutique, a unique sustainable fashion and lifestyle store nestled in the historic market town of Buntingford, Hertfordshire.

Flutterby’s was born in 2009, after a history of trawling the second hand shops and vintage markets of London from the late ‘70s onwards, with a love of unearthing the unique and individual and with a growing distaste for fast fashion and the harm that it does to people and planet. We specialise in high end to high street, high quality pre-owned clothing for women of all ages and budgets, from the everyday staple to the rare and bizarre.  But we don’t stop there.

Beautiful and unique vintage clothing – the perfect addition to any wardrobe

Our shop is also home to a whole floor of beautiful and unique vintage clothing, spanning the Edwardian era right through to the 1990s.

Three rooms, each with its own nostalgic story, housing a constantly evolving and eclectic blend of vintage pieces and ephemera. All lovingly handpicked and sorted by era and style.

With us it’s personal

If there’s one thing that our twelve years in business has taught us it’s that a friendly face and personal service is EVERYTHING. We are proud to count our customers as our friends and there is no joy quite like matchmaking a once loved treasure with its new forever home, styling you into a new comfort zone or sourcing the perfect thing for that gap in your wardrobe. Whether you’re after something special or just a bit of style advice just ask – we’ll be delighted to help.

Why Flutterby’s?

Because from the darkness they grow wings and fly

Welcome to our Flutterby’s community

Karen x

Karen Calder, Flutterby's Boutique - Buntingford
Vintage Clothing Second hand womens wear
Vintage Clothing Second hand womens wear
Vintage Clothing Second hand womens wear